Welcome to Tiger Aviation Logistics where quality customer service and prompt shipping is completed securely, safely, and with great satisfaction!  At Tiger Aviation Logistics we work to quickly and reliably move valuable resources near or far. Whether you need engine spares, flap sections,  turboprops, fans, parts, or propellers transported, we can ship for you! At Tiger Aviation Logistics we understand the industry’s need to safely transport and move your goods from any destination in the world to another, as we a manage the movement efficiently.

About Tiger Aviation President, Edwin Peña

Edwin Peña is an experienced businessman and logistical expert with a focus in Aviation, Logistics and Supply Chain. Edwin founded Tiger Aviation Logistics in 2018 in order to deliver solutions to client’s logistical problems, while providing money saving solutions. Edwin Peña is a licensed A&P with experience in handling entire aircrafts, components, and engines from all major OEMs. He constantly helps clients prevent and solve problems with importing or exporting valuable assets in all continents.

Edwin Peña has created a systematic process within Tiger Aviation Logistics in order to successfully deliver parts and equipment to their rightful place while also supporting complex teardown or MRO operations in various foreign countries. As president of Tiger Aviation Logistics, Edwin Peña uses his vast knowledge of foreign markets, operations, and sales to negotiate with agents to secure preferential rates that allow the clients of Tiger Aviation Logistics to penetrate foreign markets and gain new clients around the world.